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Hikaru x Kaoru

More than Just Brothers

Brotherly Love Act
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Welcome one and all!

This community is dedicated to not so brotherly love of Hitachiin twins!


This comm is member locked, please understand why. Suggestive themes along with twincest are things that we ship here. In order to avoid hurting someones feelings, or offending their moral beliefs - this is the only way. Please join if you are sure that contents of this community are to your liking.

Common rules

Remember, flaming would not be tolerated.
→ Please use LJ-cut when posting more than two images or icons.
→ Please place a proper rating for your art/fiction and a warning if your post contains M-Rated stuff.
→ Please respect each other. We are all in the same boat here.

Well, with those formalities out of the way, here is a list of things that are more than welcome to be posted in this comm:

→ Graphics [icons, banners, wallpapers, etc]
→ Fanfiction
→ Fanart
→ Doujinshi
→ Your ideas and thoughts about our beloved twins

But please consider some things that are listed below:

→ I mentioned respect previously, remember? You most probably do. This time _please_ respect the proper English language, okay? No 'a1 sii u', thank you.
→ No one will kill you for posting advertisements in this comm, as long as they are relevant to the theme. [example: other Kao/Hika comm, roleplay forum, etc]

I think that's all ^_^